Find Your Home or Business on an Earthquake Fault Map.


Find your home or business on a USGS earthquake epicenter map.






An epicenter is the “location on the earth’s surface directly overlying an earthquake, or if the earthquake is large enough, where the earthquake begins (hypocenter).” (from NBMG Special Publication 20, p.123)

Click on the link above. Under “Google Earth KML,” click on “M1+ earthquakes, past 7 days (colored by age)” and type in your address.



Find your home or business on an NBMG earthquake hazard map.


“Earthquakes occur on faults. A fault is a break in the Earth’s crust having relative movement of the two sides.” (NBMG Special Publication 27, p. 20) The hazard categories show the potential for inferred seismic shaking.


To view only: Click directly on your area on the map below. If you click on the slanted name in the center and no map appears, then there is no map available for that quadrangle.

To view or purchase map: Click on USGS quadrangle name on list below. These names on the left correspond to the slanted names (7.5’ quadrangles) on the map.


Please read:

“The hazards shown on this map are based upon current data available [at time of the printing of the map]. Shaking characteristics are inferred from interpretations of geologic, seismic velocity, soils engineering, and ground-water information. Surface rupture potentials are inferred from generalized geologic and soils (weathering profile) information.


These data are intended to be used only as a generalized guide and will be subject to change as more data become available.


Assessment of seismic hazard potential for individual sites must be based upon detailed engineering and seismic studies; such assessments should not be inferred from this map.”


Earthquake hazard and fault information for the Reno-Carson City urban corridor

and surrounding areas


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Earthquake/geologic hazard maps:

Carson City  1Ai

Genoa  1Ci

Mount Rose NE  4Bi

New Empire  1Bi                            

Reno  4Ai

Reno NE  4Ci

Reno NW  4Di

South Lake Tahoe  2Ai

Washoe City  5An


If there is not an earthquake hazard map for the quadrangle that you want, please check the list of geologic maps below. They will

show the faults and rock types.


Geologic maps:

Bedell Flat  FS-3

Chalk Hills  OF04-11

Desert Peak  OF03-27

Dogskin Mountain  M148

Fernley East  OF05-9

Fernley West  OF06-13

Flowery Peak  OF06-16

Fraser Flat  M146

Gardnerville  OF00-9

Glenbrook  2Bg

Granite Peak  OF87-8

Griffith Canyon OF99-4

Marlette Lake  2Cg

Mc Tarnahan Hill  OF99-5

Minden  OF03-13

Moses Rock (west half)  M146

Nixon area  M152

Nixon NW  M152

Olinghouse  M157

Pah Rah Mountain (east half)  M152

Schurz  M60

Seven Lakes Mountain OF06-14

State Line Peak  M82

Steamboat  4Fg

Stockton Flat Well  OF07-5

Sutcliffe  OF03-17

Tule Peak  OF03-10

Verdi  4Gg

Virginia City  OF03-15

Vista  4Hg

Wadsworth  M153

Yerington  OF03-8






 To view the USGS quadrangles without the earthquake information, please click on the following link. In the search box under “Step 1,” type in the quadrangle name (slanted name on map above) and “, NV” and hit “Go.”


Here are some links to help you use the Public Land Survey System to find the location of your home on the earthquake or geologic map: