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Interactive Geothermal Map of Nevada

Contains GIS data from around the state, available for viewing, and download

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Active Layers Include:

Geothermal site and well data
Spring and well locations with descriptions, photos, temperature, depth, etc.
Geothermal Clusters
Areas of geothermal interest.
Power Plant Facilities
With information about plant type, ownership, status date, capacity in MW, etc.
Direct Use Sites
Status date, temperature, capacity, etc.
Volcanic Vents
Type of vent, material composition, elevation and geologic history.
Well Logs and Headers
Links to log files, ownership information, API Numbers, drilling date, etc.
Active Faults
Fault name, date of rupture, slip rate, etc.
Geothermal Lease Information
Date of lease, ownership, etc.
Geochemical Data
Geophysics Data
Groundwater Data
Geothermal Favorability

Search geothermal data to find what you are looking for

Use GRAPHICAL SEARCH to draw a box around features and view in table
Use TEXT SEARCH to search by Power Plant, Direct Use Site, or spring/well by temperature, and view in table
Use SPATIAL SEARCH to apply a buffer around your search area, buffer data will be added to table

Download Data using the Data Extract icon

1. Draw a box around an area
2. Check boxes of layers to extract
3. Select formats for vector and raster data [FASTEST: file geodatabase (.gdb)]
4. Extract layers and save
Data will download as a zipfile




Other Geothermal Applications


Great Basin Geothermal

Map of the Great Basin and surrounding areas. Data includes:

BLM Geothermal Lease Data

Geology Data

Geochemical Data

Geothermal Data

Geophysics Data

Groundwater Data

Geothermal Favorability Data

Geothermal Exploration Data

HUB Data for Nevada, Utah, and Idaho

Interactive Map 161

Map of Nevada Geothermal Resources
(supersedes Map 141)