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Interactive Geothermal Maps

GIS overviews of Great Basin spatial data

New! Combined Map Services

Interactive Geothermal Map of Nevada
Click above to launch interactive Map 161 and other combined geothermal layers for Nevada!



Other Geothermal Interactive Maps

Using the interactive maps:
(1) To view a layer, click on the Map Contents box symbol. 
(2) Use the toolbar to alter the mapview.
(3) Click the "Download This Data" button for a zipped file of selected layer(s), or go directly
to the Great Basin Exploration Data FTP Site

You can view most of our geothermal GIS data through the interactive maps.  These provide
spatial visualization and download capabilities. The user may select individual data layers for
download into a multiple-layer geothermal GIS.  We are also experimenting with Google Earth
as a platform for spatial geothermal data.

01 - Location Data

02 - Land Status Data

03 - Geologic Data

04 - Geochemical Data

05 - Geothermal Data

06 - Geophysics Data

07 - Groundwater Data

08 - Geothermal Favorability Data

09 - Geothermal Favorability Layer Data

10 - Geothermal Exploration Projects


Interactive Maps


Interactive Map 161

Map of Nevada Geothermal Resources
(supersedes Map 141)


M161 thumbnail
Click above to launch interactive Map 161.

Interactive Map 141

Map of Nevada Geothermal Resources

(1) Click individual spring or well symbols on Map 141. The corresponding page lists all available photos, maps, chemistry, and discussion for that site. 

(2) Catalogue of site discussions

(3) Catalogue of site maps

(4) Catalogue of site photos

(5) Catalogue of site chemistry

(6) Search keywords within site discussions

(7) Detail about Interactive Map 141



Interactive Map 141
Click above to launch interactive Map 141.