December 1999 NBMG Newsletter (pdf, 425k)
October 1999 NBMG Newsletter (pdf, 798k)
December 2002 NBMG Newsletter (pdf, 127k)

Major Articles in Other NBMG Newsletters
Nevada's mineral production in 2000 (November 2001)
Nevada's mineral production in 1999 (October 2000)
Nevada's mineral production in 1997 (November 1998)
The 1997 New Year's floods in western Nevada (July 1998)
Nevada's mineral production in 1996 (June 1997)
Earth science education resources in Nevada (February 1997)
Earthquake scenario for western Nevada (November 1996)
Nevada's mineral production in 1995 (August 1996)
Land subsidence research at NBMG (December 1995)
Nevada's mineral production in 1994 (Summer 1995)
The McCoy mining district (Spring 1995)
Rhode Island comes to Nevada (Spring 1995)
The 1994 Double Spring Flat earthquake (Winter 1994)
NBMG online information directory (Winter 1994)
Radon studies in Nevada (Fall 1994)
Nevada's mineral production in 1993 (Summer 1994)
Mineral and energy resources assessment, Nellis Air Force Ranges (Spring 1994)
Subsidence in Las Vegas Valley (Spring 1994)
New exhibit at Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park (Winter 1993)
Status of the Nevada Geologic Quadrangle Mapping Program (Winter 1993)
Outline of Nevada mining history (Fall 1993)
Low-temperature geothermal resources in Nevada (Summer 1993)
Nevada's mineral production in 1992 (Summer 1993)
Nevada's Quaternary fault hazard (Spring 1993)
NBMG's GIS lab (Winter 1992)
Mercury contamination of the Carson River (Winter 1992)
Nevada mining districts (Winter 1992)
Subsidence in Las Vegas Valley (Fall 1992)
Nevada's mineral production in 1991 (Fall 1992)
Prominent fault scarps in western Nevada (Spring 1992)
Seismic hazards in the Reno-Carson City urban corridor (Spring 1992)
Planning for future geologic mapping in Nevada (Winter 1991)
Occurrence of cymrite in Nevada (Fall 1991)
Good news for geologic mapping (Fall 1991)
NBMG activities in public education (Summer 1991)
Quartz-tourmaline veins in the northern Sierra Nevada area (Summer 1991)
Hydrothermal solubility of palladium (Spring 1991)
The NBMG standard reference material project (Spring 1991)
Nevada indoor radon survey (Winter 1990)
Geographic names information system for Nevada (Fall 1990)
Global positioning system studies at NBMG (Fall 1990)
Salt and silver (Summer 1990)
Active mines in Nevada (Summer 1990)
The need for geologic maps in Nevada (Spring 1990)
Borates in the Muddy Mountains, Clark County (Spring 1990)
Earthquake-hazard research at Yucca Mountain (Winter 1989)
Patented claim names (Fall 1989)
Platinum-group assessment in Nevada (Fall 1989)
Radon hazards in Nevada (Summer 1989)
Subsidence in Las Vegas Valley (Summer 1989)
Nevada's 1988 metals production (Spring 1989)
Nevada's earthquake hazards (Spring 1989)
Petroleum exploration in Nevada (Winter 1988)

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