Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology

Index of Topographic and Geologic Maps in Nevada

This index is under construction. It is not complete and has not been checked thoroughly. Comments, suggestions, and corrections are welcome.

Maps in this index are listed in the following categories:

State and Regional Maps (scale 1:1,000,000 except as noted)

County Maps

1- by 2-Degree Quadrangles (scale 1:250,000 except as noted)

30-Minute and 1-Degree Quadrangles (scale 1:125,000 except as noted)

30x60-Minute Quadrangles (scale 1:100,000 except as noted)

15-Minute Quadrangles (scale 1:48,000 or 1:62,500 except as noted)

7.5-Minute Quadrangles (scale 1:24,000 except as noted)
    To search for a 7.5' quad, enter its name or part of its name

These files include nearly all published maps that are related to geology in Nevada and are based on quadrangles. The NBMG Consolidated List of References gives more information on the literature cited in these files and also contains references to maps of mountain ranges, mining districts, townships, and other areas.

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