Education and Awareness Committee Report
November 16, 2001

The School Safety Calendars are ready and we are working with AHMAC to try and arrange a date to prepare the mailing. We are tentatively looking at next Tuesday, November 20, as the day. If anyone here is interested in helping please let me know. Sierra Pacific Power Company and Nevada Power are once again going to cover the cost of the mailing. 1000 calendars will be shipped be available at the Governor's conference on School Safety (Nov. 26-28, 2001).

NESC will have a booth at the School Safety conference. D.D. LaPointe and Jim O’Donnell will be the primary booth tenders. Several FEMA publications will be available which will include Earthquake Activities for Children and a publication that gives suggestions on how to make an earthquake plan for your school. Living with Earthquakes in Nevada and a simple summary of suggestions for an earthquake plan will also be available at the booth.

We are once again planning a poster contest and drill for Earthquake Awareness Week 2002. The school mailing will include our summary of suggestions for an earthquake plan and hazard hunts and simple nonstructural fixes.

DRI is planning an Earthquake Safety Fair. The committee that is working on this activity had a meeting earlier this week and they are planning the fair for booth southern and northern Nevada. They are looking for speakers and vendors if anyone has any suggestions please let me know and I'll forward them to the planning committee.

Great Basin Science and Exploration Center.