Nevada Earthquake Safety Council Awards for Excellence
18 May 2001

The Carson City School District is recognized for including earthquake risk mitigation in their procurement process, including installation of new equipment by their maintenance department using nonstructural mitigation measures and annual facility inspections for safety.
The iGo Corporation is recognized for distributing Federal Emergency Management Agency bulletins to all its employees to increase awareness of earthquake hazards and to encourage planning for earthquakes.
Carson City is recognized for earthquake design and construction of the new Carson City jail facility. The facility was built to Level four earthquake strength including rebar extending into the door frames, walls, and floors. The extensive plumbing and gas lines were fitted with extra brackets, straps, and tie downs. The backup diesel generator lines were braced and a containment basin was installed. Nonstructural mitigation included modular steelcase workstation cabinets and bookcases braced to the wall. Evacuation to four secure areas was included.
Ken Smith is recognized for research and education for developing the high school amateur seismologist program, which will install software and sensors throughout rural Nevada and in Clark County. He is also being recognized for upgrading the University of Nevada, Las Vegas's seismometers. (Diane dePolo accepted in Ken's absence)
The Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool is recognized for funding installation of the amateur seismologist systems in twelve school districts throughout rural Nevada.