FEMA donates four computers to the Nevada Educational Seismic Network

On February 3, 2003, FEMA representatives Jeff Griffin, Region IX Regional Director and Jeff Lusk, Region IX Earthquake Specialist, met with University of Nevada, Reno President John Lilley to present four computers to be used for the Nevada Educational Seismic Network. Also in attendance were Jonathan Price, Director and State Geologist, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology; John Anderson, Director, Nevada Seismological Laboratory; Ken Smith, Network Seismologist, Nevada Seismological Laboratory; Terri Garside, Executive Assistant, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology; Wayne Carlson, Executive Director, Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool; and Robert Berry, Local Planning Coordinator, Nevada Division of Emergency Management.

The Nevada Educational Seismic Network places on-line seismic stations in schools so students and teachers can have first-hand experience in earthquake science. In the process, students, teachers, and school administrators are informed about earthquake preparedness and the earthquake threat in Nevada. In addition, these stations enhance the seismic network operated by the Nevada Seismological Laboratory so they can locate earthquakes in Nevada more accurately. The donated computers and seismometers are slated to be installed in Douglas County High School, Whittell High School, Elko High School, and Wendover High School.

Mr. Griffin stated that he hopes that FEMA will be able to donate more computers in the near future.

President John Lilley, Jeff Griffin, Regional Director of FEMA, Region IX, Wayne Carlson, Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool, Jeff Lusk, FEMA, Region IX, and Robert Berry, Nevada Division of Emergency Management, at the presentation of the computers donated to the Nevada Educational Seismic Network. Wayne Carlson and Jeff Griffin are holding the components of a portable seismometer.

Jeff Lusk of FEMA and Ken Smith of the Nevada Seismological Laboratory unloading the four computers donated by FEMA to the Nevada Educational Seismic Network.