B 85

Geology and mineral resources of White Pine County, Nevada; Part I, Geology, by Richard K. Hose and M.C. Blake, Jr., Part II, Mineral resources, by Roscoe M. Smith, 1976.

The stratigraphy, structural geology, mineral resources by district, nonmetallic minerals, and a guide to exploration for White Pine County; references and index.

Prepared cooperatively by the USGS. Previous publications on the mining districts of White Pine County include B14, B57, and M35; additional information on the mining districts is in OF83-1 and OF83-2. Geologic map available in digital format in OF97-1.

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Bulletin 85, 113 pages, 11x8.5", 13 b/w drawings, 2 b/w photos, 29 tables, 2 plates: plate 1, 1:250,000, geologic map, 32x37", full color; plate 2, 1:250,000, mineral resources, 30x33", $19.00