B 89

Geology and mineral deposits of Pershing County, Nevada, by Maureen G. Johnson, 1977.

The location, stratigraphy, structural history, mining districts, and geothermal resources; references and index.

Prepared cooperatively by the USGS. Previous studies on the mining districts of Pershing County include B8, B11, B21, B24, B30b, B33, and B86; additional information found in OF85-3. Geologic map available in digital format in OF97-1.

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Bulletin 89, 121 pages, 11x8.5", 19 b/w drawings, 5 b/w photos, 19 tables, 5 plates: plate 1, 1:250,000, geologic map, 24x48", full color; plate 2A, 1:250,000, mineral resources, 25x30", 4 color; plate 2B, index to mining districts, 27x25", b/w; plate 3, stratigraphic section, 23x20", b/w; plate 4, 1:48,000, geologic map, Antelope district, 12x23", 2 color, $21.00