Geologic Map of Parts of the Colorado, White River, and Death Valley Groundwater Flow Systems, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona by William R. Page, Gary L. Dixon, Peter D. Rowley, and David W. Brickey (2005)

A 1:250,000-scale, full color geologic map covering parts of Clark and Lincoln Counties in Nevada, Washington County in Utah, and Mohave County in Arizona. The map area is greater than 20,000 km2 and is within the Basin and Range physiographic province and its transition with the Colorado Plateau. Descriptions of 60 geologic units and discussion of stratigraphy, structure, and hydrogeology are in the accompanying pamphlet.

Available on the Web - plate (6.8 Mb) - text (793 kb).

See also:USGS OFR 2006-1040 - Geologic cross sections of parts of the Colorado, White River, and Death Valley regional ground-water flow systems, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona, by Page and others, available on the Web

Map 150, one 32X40-inch color plate, 23 pages of text,, $23.00