Sean Long
Sean P. Long

Research Assistant Professor
Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering
University of Nevada, Reno

Business telephone: (775) 682-8750
Fax: (775) 784-1709



Ph.D., Geology, Princeton University, 2010
M.S., Geology, Idaho State University, 2004
B.S. Mathematics, The College of Idaho, 2001


Areas of Expertise

Geologic mapping
Structural geology
Regional tectonics


Professional Work Experience

Assistant Research Professor, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology (2010–present)

Teaching/Research Assistant, Princeton University (2006–2010)

Adjunct Instructor/Research Associate, Idaho State University (2005–2006)

Teaching/Research Assistant, Idaho State University (2002–2004)


Selected Publications

Long, S.P., McQuarrie, N., Tobgay, T., Coutand, I., Cooper, F.J., Reiners, P.W., Wartho, J., and
Hodges, K.V., 2012, Variable shortening rates in the eastern Himalayan thrust belt, Bhutan:
insights from multiple thermochronologic and geochronologic datasets tied to kinematic
reconstructions: Tectonics, v. 31, TC5004, 23 p., doi:10.1029/2012TC003155.
Click here for PDF
Long, S.P., 2012, Magnitudes and spatial patterns of erosional exhumation in the Sevier hinterland,
eastern Nevada and western Utah, USA: Insights from a Paleogene paleogeologic map: Geosphere,
v. 8, p. 881-901, doi: 10.1130/GES00783.1.
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Long, S., McQuarrie, N., Tobgay, T., and Hawthorne, J., 2011, Quantifying internal strain and
deformation temperature in the eastern Himalaya: Implications for the evolution of strain in thrust
sheets: Journal of Structural Geology, v. 32, p. 579-608, doi:10.1016/j.jsg.2010.12.011.
Click here for PDF
Long, S., McQuarrie, N., Tobgay, T., and Grujic, D., 2011, Geometry and crustal shortening of the
Himalayan fold-thrust belt, eastern and central Bhutan: Geological Society of America Bulletin,
v. 123, p. 1427-1447, doi:10.1130/B30203.1.
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Long, S., and McQuarrie, N., 2010, Placing limits on channel flow: insights from the Bhutan Himalaya:
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 290, p. 375-390, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2009.12.033.
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Curriculum Vitae