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Additional Geothermal Resources


Data Tables and Graphs of Geothermal Power Production in Nevada, 1985-2011 (1.6 Mb)

Site Descriptions

Site Descriptions

Descriptions of more than 200 geothermal sites based on updated information from NBMG Bulletin 91, Thermal Waters of Nevada. A linked list of the sites can be accessed by clicking on this link.
Individual site descriptions can be obtained by clicking on site name in this list or on associated hot spots on the interactive map. Links to figures, photos, chemical data, and detailed maps are included in many of the site descriptions.


Detailed Maps

Detailed Maps

Large-scale maps for many geothermal sites can be accessed by clicking on their links in the appropriate site descriptions. An alphabetized, linked list of detailed maps can also be accessed by
clicking on this link.



More than 300 photos are available and are sorted by geothermal site. The site descriptions also include a linked list of associated photos.




Gives references and describes the construction of the Access database of water chemistry, isotope, and gas data compiled for Nevada. Also gives file of geothermometers calculated using water chemistry in the Access database. The full Access database is available for download at this link, and smaller Excel files for individual geothermal areas are available through links on the interactive map or in the site descriptions.


Scanned geothermal papers, reports and various gray literature (also cataloged in NGDS). Also available as an Excel file.


Downloadable list of about 1,400 geothermal references in a MS Word file (.doc).


Geothermal presentations from the 2006 Geothermal Exploration Workshop



Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy
Production and Injection Data for Geothermal Wells in Nevada
Energy Citations (enter geothermal legacy in bibliographic info field)
Nevada Division of Minerals (Geothermal Updates)
NOAA Map of Geothermal Resources of Nevada (.pdf 20 Mb)
Thermal Waters of Nevada, Bulletin 91
Index to geothermal well files housed at NBMG (NBMG L-5)
Western Nevada/California Geothermal Resources (CEC-PIER report)