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Geologic Maps

NBMG geologic maps that are listed in the AZGS Repository are also listed below.

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NBMG Million-scale Geologic Map Series
Active Metal and Industrial Mineral Mines in Nevada - 2002
Active Metal and Industrial Mineral Mines in Nevada - 2003
Active Metal and Industrial Mineral Mines in Nevada - 2004
A Geodetic Strain Rate Model for the Pacific-North American Plate Boundary Western United
Cenozoic mineral deposits and Cenozoic igneous rocks of Nevada
Cenozoic Volcanic Geology of Nevada Map
Digital Map of Active Mines in Nevada, 1999 and 1998 versions
Effect and Response in Nevada to the Great 1906 San Francisco, California Earthquake
Filtered Magnetic Anomaly Maps of Nevada, Sheet 1 - Residual Total Magnetic Field Reduced to the North
Magnetic Pole
Filtered Magnetic Anomaly Maps of Nevada Sheet 2 - First Vertical Derivative of the Magnetic Field
Filtered Magnetic Anomaly Maps of Nevada Sheet 4 - Magnitude of the Horizontal Gradient of the
Pseudo-Gravity Field

Filtered Magnetic Anomaly Maps of Nevada Sheet 5 - Shaded Magnetic Relief Maps
Geothermal Potential Map of the Great Basin Region Western United States
Hot Springs, Sinter Deposits, and Volcanic Cinder Cones in Nevada
Hydrocarbon assessment of the Yucca Mountain vicinity, Nye County, Nevada
Indicators of Subsurface Basin Geometry of Nevada
Magnetically interpreted, granitoid plutonic bodies of Nevada (435k)
Mineral and Energy Resource Assessment of the Nellis Air Force Range
Mineral deposits and occurrences in Nevada formed by epithermal or marine processes, or late diagenesis in sedimentary rocks (539k)
Molybdenum Deposits and Occurrences in Nevada, 1980
Nevada Mineral Trends Map 2003
Nevada Oil and Gas Database Map
Nevada oil and gas wells, 1907-1996, 1:1,000,000
Pluton-Related or Deep-Seated Deposits and Occurrences in Nevada Map 1996
Preliminary Geologic Maps of the Northern Portion of the Carlin Gold Belt (North Trend), Nevada
Pre-Tertiary Geology of Nevada Map
Reconnaissance geologic map of the Slumbering Hills and surrounding areas, Humboldt County, Nevada
1:100,000-scale: Dufurrena and Rigby

Reconnaissance Photographic Map of Young (Quaternary and late Tertiary) Faults of Nevada
Shallow Magnetic Lithologies as Interpreted from Low Altitude Aeromagnetic Data
Silver Producing Districts of Nevada, 1980
Thickness of Cenozoic Deposits and the Isostatic Residual Gravity over Basement of Nevada
Trace-element geochemical data from mineralized samples from Nevada
Tracts Permissive for Deposit-Types not directly related to Plutonic Activity.