Maps & Data


NBMG conducts research on a variety of geologic topics and publishes results in reports, maps, and data products, which are made available to the public through our web resources listed below.

Screenshot of the NBMG Open Data websiteNBMG Open Data Website

Our free geospatial datasets are available through the NBMG Open Data site. This includes web maps, streaming layers, and the downloadable data that are available at no cost.




Sample of a published NBMG geologic map.Map Publications & Data Packages
(Publication Sales)

Maps that have been released as an NBMG publication are available for free in PDF format through our Publication Sales website. Geospatial PDFs are also available for most NBMG geologic maps as free downloads from the individual publication landing page.

GIS data packages of published maps are generally not available for free but can be purchased through the Publication Sales website. NBMG also has GIS data packages available for many USGS-published geologic maps, which we make available for free download from a separate web page on the main NBMG website.

MyHazards-Nevada web applicationWeb Maps

All NBMG web maps are available through the Web Applications page of our Open Data site. Click below to go directly to our listing of available web maps.






Thumbnail image of a streaming layer available through the NBMG Open Data siteStreaming GIS Layers

A variety of free GIS datasets are available as streaming GIS layers through our Open Data website. These layers are commonly statewide and regional datasets. Search our Open Data website by keyword to discover our available streaming datasets.





Sample of a historical mining district map.Historical Maps

Over the years, NBMG has scanned many historial maps such as mining district maps from the early 1900s. These and other scanned resources are available through the Collections page on our main website.






NBMG geologic mapper in northeast Nevada.Geologic Mapping

Geologic mapping is major component of the NBMG mission and research teams are constantly preparing new maps for the public. Click the link below to learn more about this ongoing effort and the maps and data that result. Other geologic map resources are also available here.