NBMG conducts research on a variety of topics as detailed below. NBMG research often results in publications, maps and data made available to the public through our Sales Office as well as free on our website.

Damage from the 2008 M6.0 Wells, NV earthquake.Geologic Hazards

NBMG scientists research geologic hazards to reduce exposure to potential risks and educate the public on hazard preparedness.




View of downtown Las Vegas from nearby geologic mapping project.Geologic Mapping

NBMG’s research and mapping of natural resources and geologic hazards are critical to Nevada’s economy and improving public safety.





Haul trucks in an open-pit mine.Mineral Resources &
Economic Geology

NBMG geoscientists continue to be instrumental in understanding the processes that control the formation and location of mineral resources such as gold and lithium.




Back-lit steam and sunset at Blue Mountain geothermal plant.Geothermal Energy

NBMG geoscientists continue to develop new methodologies for geothermal exploration that reduce risks in geothermal drilling and facilitate development
of new geothermal power plants.





Nevada Geodetic Laboratory GPS unit.Geodesy & Tectonics

The NBMG geodesy team studies a wide range of topics that relate to Earth deformation from natural and human-driven processes.