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K-12 Earth Science Educational Resources


Many free and/or inexpensive earth science educational materials are available at NBMG to Nevada educators (teacher, principal, counselor, librarian, home-schooler, etc). Come in and browse our Teacher Corner located at the Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library, and don't forget to harvest a few interesting geologic specimens from our rock garden during your visit to GBSSRL! If your work schedule as an educator prevents you from visiting us at these times, please contact Rachel Micander for more information.

Check out our Educational Series, which includes: the Generalized Geological Map of Nevada, and the Map of the Truckee-Carson-Walker River Systems, the  Map of the Humboldt River System with accompanying suggested student activities, and the  Drainage Map of Southern Nevada and Adjacent Regions. See also Science of the Comstock  prepared by local teachers and students for the "1999 ThinkQuest for Tomorrow's Teachers."

Some Exercises and Discussions using Maps of the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology are also available on our website.

In addition to our Educational Series, we offer the following K-12 educational resources:

CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES (Select activities from Earth Science Teacher Workshops)
--Ride the Rock Cycle
--What is a Mineral?
--Mineral Haiku
--Mineral Identification & Worksheet
--Identifying Minerals using Hardness and Density
--Rocks and Geology Exercise
--The Rock Key
--Rock Obituary

Plate Tectonics, Faults and Folding Activity
Rocks and Minerals - A Selection of Rocks and Minerals Found in Nevada

As a state Earth Science Education Center (ESIC) for the U.S. Geological Survey, NBMG offers the following U.S. Geological Survey and NBMG educational materials free to Nevada educators. To obtain these publications, please visit the NBMG Publications Sales Office. They are available free while quantities last, on a first come, first served basis with identification as a Nevada educator (teacher, principal, counselor, librarian, home-schooler, etc., one to a customer). They may also be ordered by mail, or fax, on school letterhead (see How to Order), using a credit card or check to pay shipping and handling charges. FAX request, one request per school year. For more information, please call 775-784-6691 ext. 2.

--Map Adventures (grade levels K-3)
--Caves (grade levels K-3)
--Volcanoes (grade levels 4-8)
--What Do Maps Show? (grade levels 5-8)
--Exploring Maps (grade levels 7-12)
--Global Change (grade levels 4-6)
--Water Resource Professionals Outreach Notebook (grade levels 6-8)

--Map of the Truckee-Carson-Walker River Systems 
--Map of the Humboldt River System 
--Drainage Map of Southern Nevada and Adjacent Regions

WATER RESOURCE POSTERS (Elementary or Middle School Versions with accompanying activities printed on reverse): 
--Water, The Resource That Gets Used and Used and Used for Everything
--Coastal Hazards (Elementary or Middle School Version)
--Groundwater: the hidden Resource (Elementary or Middle School Version)
--How Do We Treat our Wastewater? (Elementary or Middle School Version)
--Wetlands: Water Wildlife, Plants and People!
--Water Quality ... Potential Sources of Pollution
--Hazardous Waste: Clean-Up and Prevention
--Watersheds: Where We Live

--When I Grow Up, I Want to Be ... Diversity of Careers, Diversity of People (K-6)
--What, Me? A Scientist? (7-12)
--Fossils Through Time (K-12)
--Natural Hazards Poster Set (K-12)
--Planetary Maps (geology of the moon) (K-12)
--Map Projections

--Topographic Field Trip of Washington D.C. (7-12) (for Macintosh-based systems)

--Another CD-ROM entitled "Teaching Earth Science" (for Macintosh-based systems) can be copied onto your blank CD brought or sent to us. It contains 17 teaching modules on various earth science topics including volcanoes, landslides, dinosaur extinction, fossils, coral reefs, faulting, seafloor-spreading, and glaciers. Each contains background information, simple animations, and printable paper models to construct illustrating each topic.

BOOKLETS (available free to the general public) 
--Scientists in Action -- News about careers in the natural sciences Helping Your Child Learn Geography (K-6 families)
--Deserts: Geology and Resources
--Volcanoes of the U. S.

(many other brochures available ... please come in and browse)

(Not mailed out, please borrow in person: call 682-8772)

--American Gold
--Careers For Geoscientists
--Gold in Modern Technology
--Out of the Rock
--Coeur Rochester Mine: Environmental Overview
--Mining: Discoveries For Progress
--Common Ground: Modern mining and You
--Hazardous Waste Management: Doing it Right
--Mining For Music
--Women Who Walk Through Time
--Bald Mountain Mine
--Sleeper: the Awakening Giant
--Geothermal Energy
--Earthworks: A Profile of the Mining Industry
--Let's Do Mineral Science
--Chemistry at Work in a Nevada Gold Mine
--The Project Mine Video Series
--Teacher Orientation
--Simple Machines

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