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Staff Directory


James E. Faulds, Director and State Geologist,, 775-682-6650

Publication Sales and Information, 775-682-8766

Economic Geology, Geologic Mapping, and Geologic Framework

James E. Faulds, Professor,, 775-682-8751
   Chad Carlson, Graduate Student, Ph.D.,
   Jason Craig, Graduate Student
   Emma McConville, Graduate Student,
   Holly McLachlan, Graduate Student
Andrew Sadowski, Temporary Geothermal Research Geologist,, 775-682-8762
Christopher D. Henry, Research Geologist,, 775-682-8753
Nicholas H. Hinz, Geologic Mapping Specialist,, 775-784-1446
John Muntean, Associate Professor-Research Economic Geologist,,775-682-8748
   Carli Balogh, Graduate Student,
   Steve Howell, Graduate Student,
   RJ Johnson, Graduate Student
   Sergey Konyshev, Graduate Student,
   Justin Milliard, Graduate Student,
   Patrick Quillen, Graduate Student,
Mike Ressel, Assistant Professor-Economic Geologist,, 775-682-7844
   Gabe Aliaga, Graduate Student,
   Micah Claypoole, Graduate Student,
   David Freedman, Graduate Student,
   Elizabeth Hollingsworth, Graduate Student,
   Ajeet Milliard, Graduate Student,
Andrew Zuza, Assistant Professor-Structural Geologist,, 775-682-8752


Geologic Hazards and Engineering Geology

Seth Dee, Geologic Mapping Specialist,, 775-682-7704
Craig M. dePolo, Research Geologist,, 775-682-8770
Rich Koehler, Assistant Professor,, 775-682-8763
Alan R. Ramelli, Research Geologist,, 775-784-4151


Nevada Geodetic Laboratory

Geoffrey Blewitt, Research Professor,, 775-682-8778
William C. Hammond, Research Professor,, 775-784-6436
Corné W. Kreemer, Research Professor,, 775-682-8780


Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy

Bridget Ayling, Associate Professor,, 775-682-8768


Cartography and Publication Support

Jennifer Vlcan, Cartographic/GIS Manager,, 775-682-8759
  Jack Hursh, Cartographer/Publications Specialist,, 775-682-8760
  Irene Seelye, Cartographer/GIS Specialist,, 775-682-6338
  Rachel (Wearne) Micander, Cartographer/GIS Specialist,, 775-682-6351


Publication Sales and Information

The Publication Sales and Information Office at the Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library will be closed the week of December 26–30, 2016.

The email will not be monitored from December 24, 2016 through January 2, 2017.

David Davis, Geologic Information Specialist,, 775-682-8767
Bret Pecoraro, Development Technician,, 775-682-8775
Charlotte Stock, Sales Manager,, 775-682-8766



Alex Nesbitt, Administrative Assistant,, 775-682-8762
Linda Goar, Accounting Assistant,, 775-682-6346


Emeritus Faculty:
John W. Bell, Professor Emeritus,, 775-784-1939
Stephen B. Castor
, Research Geologist Emeritus,, 775-682-8766
Larry J. Garside, Research Geologist Emeritus,, 775-784-6693
Liang-Chi Hsu, Research Mineralogist Emeritus,
Daphne D. LaPointe, Research Geologist Emeritus,, 775-682-8772
Paul Lechler, Chief Geochemist Emeritus,
Jonathan G. Price, State Geologist Emeritus,, 775-682-8766
Lisa Shevenell, Research Hydrogeologist Emeritus,
Joseph V. Tingley, Research Geologist Emeritus,
Susan L. Tingley, Senior Cartographer Emeritus,