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James E. Faulds, Director and State Geologist,, 775-682-6650

Publication Sales and Information, 775-682-8766

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Economic Geology, Geologic Mapping, and Geologic Framework

James E. Faulds, Professor,, 775-682-8751
   Chad Carlson, Graduate Student, Ph.D.,
   Jason Craig, Graduate Student
   Emma McConville, Graduate Student,
Holly McLachlan, Graduate Student
Christopher D. Henry, Research Geologist,, 775-682-8753
Nicholas H. Hinz, Geologic Mapping Specialist,, 775-784-1446
John Muntean, Associate Professor-Research Economic Geologist,,775-682-8748
   Carli Balogh, Graduate Student,
   Steve Howell, Graduate Student,
   RJ Johnson, Graduate Student
   Sergey Konyshev, Graduate Student,
   Justin Milliard, Graduate Student,
   Patrick Quillen, Graduate Student,
Mike Ressel, Assistant Professor-Economic Geologist,, 775-682-7844
   Gabe Aliaga, Graduate Student,
   Micah Claypoole, Graduate Student,
   David Freedman, Graduate Student,
   Elizabeth Hollingsworth, Graduate Student,
   Ajeet Millard, Graduate Student,
Andrew Sadowski, Geothermal Research Geologist,, 775-682-8762
Andrew Zuza, Assistant Professor-Structural Geologist,, 775-682-8752


Geologic Hazards and Engineering Geology

Seth Dee, Geologic Mapping Specialist,, 775-682-7704
Craig M. dePolo, Research Geologist,, 775-682-8770
Rich Koehler, Assistant Professor,, 775-682-8763
Alan R. Ramelli, Research Geologist,, 775-784-4151


Nevada Geodetic Laboratory

Geoffrey Blewitt, Research Professor,, 775-682-8778
William C. Hammond, Research Professor,, 775-784-6436
Corné W. Kreemer, Research Professor,, 775-682-8780


Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy

Bridget Ayling, Associate Professor,, 775-682-8768


Cartography and Publication Support

Jennifer Vlcan, Cartographic/GIS Manager,, 775-682-8759
  Jack Hursh, Cartographer/Publications Specialist,, 775-682-8760
  Irene Seelye, Cartographer/GIS Specialist,, 775-682-6338
  Rachel (Wearne) Micander, Cartographer/GIS Specialist,, 775-682-6351


Publication Sales and Information

David Davis, Geologic Information Specialist,, 775-682-8767
Bret Pecoraro, Development Technician,, 775-682-8775
Charlotte Stock, Sales Manager,, 775-682-8766



Alex Nesbitt, Administrative Assistant,, 775-682-8762
Linda Goar, Accounting Assistant,, 775-682-6346


Emeritus Faculty:
John W. Bell, Professor Emeritus,, 775-784-1939
Stephen B. Castor
, Research Geologist Emeritus,, 775-682-8766
Larry J. Garside, Research Geologist Emeritus,, 775-784-6693
Liang-Chi Hsu, Research Mineralogist Emeritus,
Daphne D. LaPointe, Research Geologist Emeritus,, 775-682-8772
Paul Lechler, Chief Geochemist Emeritus,
Jonathan G. Price, State Geologist Emeritus,, 775-682-8766
Lisa Shevenell, Research Hydrogeologist Emeritus,
Joseph V. Tingley, Research Geologist Emeritus,
Susan L. Tingley, Senior Cartographer Emeritus,