Conni De Masi Castillo
Conni De Masi

PhD Student
Quaternary Geology and Geologic Hazards - Nevada Bureau
of Mines and Geology
Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering
University of Nevada, Reno



• M.Sc., Geology, California State University, Long Beach, 2013
• B.A., Art Studio, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2005

Areas of Expertise

• Field geology and mapping
• Geochemistry, sedimentology, lacustrine geology
• Tertiary-Quaternary geology, stratigraphy, geomorphology
• Neotectonics, paleoseismology, earthquake geology

Professional Work Experience

• 2018–Present: Research Assistant, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
• 2018: Summer Geology Field Camp Teaching Assistant, University of Nevada Reno
• 2015–2016: Field Assistant, Tephrochronology Project, USGS Menlo Park
• 2013–2018: Independent Researcher, Stanford University
• 2012–2013: Research Assistant, Environmental Geochemistry Lab, Stanford University
• 2011–2012: Lab Teacher, Natural Disasters Class, CSU Long Beach
• 2011–2012: Lab Manager, Signal Hill Petroleum Geochemistry Lab, CSU Long Beach
• 2010: Graduate Staff, Geoscience Diversity Enhancement Program, CSU Long Beach
• 2009–2012: Research Assistant, Sedimentary Lab, CSU Long Beach


Major Ongoing Projects

• Paleoseismic trench studies on faults in the North Valleys region near Reno, NV
• Exploring the timing of landscape evolution in the North Valleys region near Reno, NV, and
Sierra Nevada and White-Inyo Mountains around central Owens Valley, CA
• Investigating transitions between normal and strike-slip faulting along the Walker Lane


Koehler, R.D., Dee, S., and De Masi, C., 2019, New Lidar Mapping and Paleoseismic Characterization
of the Petersen Mountain Fault Zone, North of Reno, NV, Final Technical Report, U.S. Geological
Survey National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (Award # G18AP00007).  PDF
De Masi, C., Deino, A., Castillo, C., and Scott, G., 2019, Late Pliocene-Pleistocene tectono-
sedimentary record of the eastern Sierra Nevada and southern Walker Lane: Insights on
continental multiphase faulting, in preparation.
De Masi, C., Deino, A., and Scott, G., 2017, The Waucoba Lake Beds of Owens Valley,
California: Northern Owens Valley, Friends of the Pleistocene Field Trip Guidebook October 7–9,
2017, p. 9–15.
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Jeffrey R., and De Masi, C., 2016, Using Tephrochronology, 40AR/39AR, Ostracods, and Diatoms
to Date and Reconstruct the Environment of An Early Pleistocene Time-Slice of Waucoba Lake,
Inyo County, California, USA: 2016 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado.
De Masi, C., Castillo, C., Deino, A., Scott, G., Klemperer, S., and Knott, J., 2015, Climate and
Orogenic Evolution of the Sierra Nevada and Westernmost Basin and Range as Recorded in the
Pliocene-Pleistocene Waucobi Lake Beds: 2015 AGU Fall Meeting.
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America Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado.
De Masi, C., 2014, Lakes of the Western Great Basin: Waucobi Lake Beds, in Pleistocene Lake
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Waucobi Lake Beds: Geology of the White Mountains, South Coast Geological Society Field Trip
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De Masi, C., 2013, Ancient sedimentary fill of the Waucobi Lake Beds as an archive for Owens
Valley, California tectonics and climate: [M.S. Thesis] Long Beach, CSU Long Beach, 104 pp.
De Masi, C., 2013, Waucobi Lake Beds: Volcanoes and Faults of the Long Valley and Owens
Valley Region, Stanford University Field Trip Guidebook May 24–27 2013, p. 74.
De Masi, C., Alan Deino, and Lora Stevens, 2012, Investigating the early Pleistocene seismite
and environment of the ancient Waucobi Lake Beds in Owens Valley, California: 2012 AGU Fall
De Masi (Stuehler), C., Hannah Vu, Gregory J. Holk, Chelsea McCormick, Terri Burns, and Robert
Douglas, 2010, A hydrogen isotope and mineralogical study of bentonite clay from the Portuguese
Bend Landslide, Rancho Palos Verdes, California: 2010 Geological Society of America Annual
Meeting, Denver, Colorado.

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